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Love in a Mist: Belinda Griffiths

‘Love in a Mist’ 

The native Nursery Web Spider creates her delicate cocoon-like webs, not to capture her prey, but as a way of sheltering and shielding her young until they are big enough to fend for themselves

Belinda uses these temporary translucent structures as a lens through which to examine the shifting dynamics of life and family.                                                                                                                                                                                                

21 October  – 5 November

Hours: 11 – 2pm Monday to Friday & 11 – 3pm Sat/Sun

Opening: Friday 20 Oct 5-8pm

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Toni Mosley,  Susanne Khouri, Jo Raill, Janet Hafoka, Sandy littlejohns-Clark, Beth Serjeant

An interchange between people comes with trust and even understanding that it is not always smooth or even clear. In this exhibition we are looking at the transmission of information and how that it can be taken or mistaken.

26 August – 10 September

Opening  Saturday 26 August 2-4pm
Hours 11 – 3pm daily



curioser and curiouser

‘Curiouser and Curiouser Discovery and Wonder- Old and New’ Philippa Bentley


This solo show by Philippa Bentley will examine the theme of Discovery from a number of angles and through a range of media. The show will include original works in paint, print, photography and incorporate Augmented Reality, looking at Discovery from both a historical and contemporary context.

“I aim to visually represent discoveries and also to provide the opportunity for the viewer to experience the process of discovery themselves”. Philippa Bentley 2017
Hours 11 – 3pm daily