Clay Benders 2017

Opening Event: Friday 10th November 5-8pm.

Claybenders is a showcase of contemporary ceramics produced by Students and Graduates of the Otago Polytechnic Diploma of Ceramic Arts. The diploma programme is administered from Dunedin to learning centres throughout New Zealand – this exhibition is the work of the students based in Auckland; the studio modules taught at the Auckland Studio Potters Centre in Onehunga. The ASP has promoted and trained artists for well over 50 years. This exhibition reunites both the current and past students.

Although it’s a group exhibition these artists celebrate the role of the individual, representing their own unique style. Whether its sculptural, wheel thrown, slip-cast, or hand built, all of these artworks and functional items are unique. The emphasis is on revealing the multitude of possibilities that can emerge from using clay. Who better to illustrate this wonderful medium than the current and future generation of ceramic artists?

Work by:

Aidan Raill,
Ann O’Sullivan,
Annie McIver,
Carol Stewart,
Helen Perrett,
Jo Raill,
Joelle March,
Marcella Permodo-Jordan,
Margaret Bray,
Marilyn Wheeler,
Mervyn Aitchison,
Michelle Bow,
Nadine Spalter,
Pauline McCoy,
Peter Baas,
Roy Burgoyne,
Susan St Lawrence,
Suzy Dünser

*image by Michelle Bow: Agate ware, thrown with colourants. ‘Sea Capsule I,II and III.’

FINAL invite


Toni Mosley,  Susanne Khouri, Jo Raill, Janet Hafoka, Sandy littlejohns-Clark, Beth Serjeant

An interchange between people comes with trust and even understanding that it is not always smooth or even clear. In this exhibition we are looking at the transmission of information and how that it can be taken or mistaken.

26 August – 10 September

Opening  Saturday 26 August 2-4pm
Hours 11 – 3pm daily