Summer Cash and Carry

Get sorted for christmas and wedding season with our annual cash and carry group show.

Expect small scale affordable works from our core team of resident artists.

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elementālis exhibition

Exploring the idea of elementālis as a metaphor for tension and harmony.

Four Muriwai artists Veronique Desmot, Emma Farry, Joss Hong and Amanda Kemp express their connection with elementalis through the energy and crafting of ceramics | jewellery |stones | print.

From the Medieval Latin word elementālis, dating back to 1485-95. Comparable to the great forces of nature, as in power or magnitude:elemental grandeur. of, relating to, or of the nature of the four elements, earth, water, air,and fire, or of any one of them.

Veronique Desmot

Based at Earthskin Muriwai, Véronique Desmet’s preferred genre is video performance and print.

Her passion is for the movement of the body, rhythm and light and how these both relate to and create our environment. Her art attempts to trap and project evanescence.


Emma Farry

Words have always answered questions for Emma. She has a deep curiosity about life and people. She looks to nature, and to stones in particular as a repository for timeless messages that last much longer than a human lifetime. In many ways, this is her response to the impermanence and fragility of life.


Joss Hong

Joss’s asian heritage forms a strong foundation for her handcrafted contemporary jewellery designs and pieces. Living at Muriwai Beach, Joss is constantly inspired by the ever changing environment and her connection with its’ energy and the community.


Amanda Kemp

Amanda’s work is anchored in neuropsychology, in particular the scientific and unexplained qualities of consciousness. In her ceramic work she looks at the unexplained, showing a strong connection with nature in relation to consciousness and her culture. Amanda is of Rongowhakaata decent.



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OPEN DAILY 11am – 3pm


Group Show – Theme: Process

The artHAUS resident artists gather for their annual group show.

We have decided to break out of the mould for this years show. In response to the keen interest and engagement experienced by our artists whenever visitors drop in, this show is formulated to show the inner workings of our practice.

Seize the opportunity to take a glimpse into the creative process of the varied disciplines our group of artists, from Liam Gerrard’s ‘filth chamber’ to Amanda Kemp’s vibrant oxides.